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Our health solutions are products with a health and/or nutritional benefit for use in different applications of the food & health industry.

Cholife is our branded range of choline salts. Choline is an essential vitamin-like nutrient with a wide range of vital functions in the human body. It is recommended to be supplemented in our diet.

  • cholife®  – L+ Choline bitartrate
  • cholife®   Choline dihydrogen citrate
  • cholife®  – Choline chloride
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Our azinvit range

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Azingro's portfolio contains an extensive range of vitamins. Vitamins are essential organic substances which are necessary for the proper function of the metabolism, growth and physical well-being.
Different concentrations, forms and specifications such as powder, dc grade, oil, usp, ep fcc grade etc.


Azingro offers a full range of amino acids. 
All of our amino acids are fermentation based, from non-animal origin and applicable for vegans & vegetarians.  

As they are the building blocks of proteins, they are important for critical functions in our bodies: buildings muscles, good circulation flow, maintaining skin and hair health, regulation of energy levels etc.

They can be included into sport nutrition, food supplements & functional food & beverages. 
Amino acids play an important role in food processing.

They can be used in bakery, meat, sauces, ready-to-eat meals and other food products.
The use of amino acids can enhance flavor & taste, increase nutritional value and substitute chemical-based ingredients.

Our amino acids range

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Other health solutions are available, for more information please contact us.

  • creatine-monohydrate-1
  • glucosamine-1
  • chondroitin-1
  • coenzyme-q10-1
  • betaine-1
  • sodium-hya-1
  • p-amino-1
  • minerals-1
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